Vestalink is a fantastic option for home phone service. The sound quality is great, and the service is 100% reliable and you cannot beat the price, very affordable. I have recommended this service to everyone I know! Very affordable. Easy to set up and immediate service. Great customer service reps. I love it! kdm996

I highly recommend Vestalink. You can't beat the price and you still get all the features you could possibly need, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, etc. Sound quality is excellent. Have not had any issues. Signing up is a breeze we did it all online. Were given a date our service would be active and our old number transferred and it all went smoothly. Couldn't ask for a better phone service! grahamr69

Great Service for the Price! Other providers are overpriced and service is better! Definitely a no brainer! Vestalink was easy to order, setup, and priced just right for those who don't use the home phone much but need one just in case!


I am the kind of person who is always looking for ways to save money. I use to have a cell phone service which I was paying $53/month and barely use during the day since I work in the morning. So I needed a house phone when I am at home with my daughter and came across Vestalink and decided to give them a try. Great service, great sound and way cheaper than the other providers. I would definitely recommend them.


Thank you for saving me a lot of money and getting more features than I had before with competing internet phone provider. This was easy to set up, quick responses from customer service, and has been great so far!tmspitz

We used this phone for our business and found it to be a wonderful asset to our company. The online features made managing our phone volume productive and efficient. I was so impressed with the service that we are now using Vestalink for our home phone. kpainter320

How it Works

An Obihai device plugs into your high-speed router and then out of that Obi you get a phone jack that you can plug any phone into and make and receive free calls to the United States and Canada using a new number from your area code or by transfering your existing phone number. You must already have or purchase an Obi to use Vestalink.

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Listen to your voicemail, get text and email notifications.

Free Calls to US & Canada

No more long distance charges. Call the United States or Canada for free.

E911 Calling with Alerts

Call 911 and then be alerted via text and email when 911 is dialed from your home.

Transfer Your Number

Check Your Number

You can take your current phone number to our service by setting up our number porting procedure.


Manage all of your contacts in one easy location. Featuring speed dial and inbound caller ID modification.

Caller ID with Name

When a call comes in be alerted on your caller ID display with the full name of the inbound caller.

Call Blocking

Easily add blocked numbers directly from your call detail records to block unwanted phone calls.

Multiple Numbers

Have multiple numbers registered to your account. Add local numbers to your account anytime for a one time fee.

And Much More!

Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Detail Records, Ring Scheduling, etc. All free!

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees. No high-pressure salespeople.
Pay as you go service, cancel anytime.

2 Year Plan

We accept paypal!

Includes unlimited talk time per month.


Only $5/month - Local and Nationwide Calling

5 Year Plan

We accept paypal!

Includes Unlimited talk time per month.


Only $3.33/month - Local and Nationwide Calling

Limited Time: Free number transfers from Google Voice

Get access to a fully-functional, 14 day free trial account to decide if Vestalink is right for you:

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